Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Think About Gutter Cleaning

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Fall is an important time to check and clean out your gutters. Accumulated leaves and water can freeze and cause heavyweight buildup that can weaken not only the gutters, but also your roof. It can also cause further damage to the gutter system like rust and mold growth, which is why annual gutter cleaning is important.

Signs Your Gutter Needs Cleaning

  • Water Leak or Overflow

When there is water overflowing over your gutter or leaks from the seams, it’s time to get it cleaned. It can be caused by a bad seal or a clog in the downspout. The water will go through any crack so it’s important to repair even small leaks.

  • Accumulation of Leaves

Huge piles of leaves in the gutter is also a sign that it needs cleaning. Not only can it cause the accumulation of other debris and water, but it can also lead to mold growth that can damage your roof.

  • Clogged Downspouts

One of the best ways to check if your gutters are clogged is by checking them when raining. If there are any spills, then something is wrong. Also, check the downspouts to ensure that the system is running properly. If there’s no water coming out of the downspout, then it’s probably clogged.

Once these signs show up in your gutter system, it’s time to do some simple cleaning.

Here are some tips for proper gutter cleaning.

Tips in Cleaning Your Gutter System

  • Remove Any Debris

Clean out leaves and other debris by using a garden trowel or a gutter scoop. This will prevent any clogs and damage. Make sure it’s the right size to effectively scoop out all debris.

Also, ensure you use a sturdy ladder in inspecting and cleaning your gutter. Always prioritize safety by choosing a footed ladder or having someone around who will hold it to keep it in place.

  • Flush Out Your Gutters

Once the gutters are clear, flush them out including the downspouts using a garden hose. This will ensure they are clear and it can also help in checking if there are any leaks.

  • Repair Small Leaks

If there are leaks, you can fix them using a flexible and water-resistant sealant that will create a protective barrier. Once the gutter or downspout is clean, wear protective gloves and apply the sealant with steady pressure. After pressing the parts firmly, the seal should work after 24 hours.

  • Tighten the Gutters

Most gutters have a spike that’s attached to a piece of wood called the fascia board. Over time, the gutters pull away from the board that causes leaks. To tighten, you can use a small hammer to join the spike with the board. This will make the gutter more sturdy and effective.

These are some basic gutter maintenance tips that every homeowner needs to know, particularly as we start transitioning into cooler weather. However, for more complex problems with your gutters, call a gutter repair company for proper maintenance

Expert Gutter Cleaning Services

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