How Often Do You Need To Schedule Professional Roof Cleaning?

roof cleaningAugust is the hottest month for Seattle. But even with the relatively warm 66-degree weather that the region has experienced recently, as well as the long-range forecast of a warmer than usual December, we’re still looking at snow from December to February.

While meteorologists are predicting close to normal temperatures this year, it’s still possible to experience extreme weather conditions, especially with our climate becoming increasingly unpredictable. And If your roof isn’t properly prepared, it can cost you a fortune. According to HomeAdvisor, Americans pay an average of around $6,000 for roof replacement due to ice damage each year.

But you can better protect your roof and home by having it cleaned by a professional roof cleaner in Seattle.

Why Is Professional Roof Cleaning Important?

While it’s tempting to clean the roof by yourself, you won’t be able to do it as well and quickly as a professional would.

Getting professional cleaning services comes with numerous benefits. You can better prolong the lifespan of your roof since professional roof cleaners know how to treat the roof with care. They can also spot any issues with your roof so that you can address any potential problems early, such as:

  • missing shingles
  • stagnant/pooling water after a thaw
  • damage to the flashing
  • moss/fungal growth
  • loose/missing granules from your shingles

Finding and addressing these problems early, before the damage could spread or become more serious, can help keep your home maintenance costs down.

How Often Should You Get Your Roof Cleaned?

A new roof should be checked every year in the first five years. After that, a cleaning every two to three years should be enough to address most problems. However, the frequency can vary from home to home and from area to area.

It’s important to consider the area you live in. If your home is located under the shade of many large trees, for example, you most likely need roof maintenance and cleaning more frequently.

Other factors that may require you to schedule roof cleanings or maintenance more often are:

  • A heavy winter may build up a lot of snow on your roof surface– thawing snow can cause water to pool, doing water damage to your roof.
  • A hail storm that can damage your roof shingles or tiles– the physical damage can loosen shingles or cause leaks to form
  • A fallen tree or branch hitting your roof can knock loose some shingles or damage/clog gutters
  • Any time there are signs of leaking or if you spot many missing shingles

Protect Your Home With Professional Roof Cleaning

Your roof can be an expensive home improvement project. But hiring a professional roof cleaning service will help extend its life and prevent other costly home repairs.

So while you’re enjoying the warm weather, save yourself some time and money by being proactive with your roof. There is no better time to get the professional roof cleaning service you need than now. Click this link to get in touch with a reliable and professional roof cleaner.

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