Exterior Home Improvements That Raise Your Property Value

ideas to raise property value in seattleHouse prices and home values are going up at a record pace, rising much faster than incomes as Americans go on homebuying sprees. Property owners are now doing whatever they can to elevate their home’s property value to keep up with the market as more people seek and buy dream homes.

Renova Exterior Detailing, having worked with many property owners as a trusted window cleaning company, has seen plenty of homes do renovations and upgrades as a way to raise property value. It doesn’t take a major overhaul to give your home more value than ever.

Here are some of the great ideas to look into.

Outdoor Fire Pit

No matter the season, a fire pit works. During the cooler temperatures in Autumn and Winter, it’s an excellent addition to a yard as a place to stay warm and gather with friends or family. During Spring and Summer, it’s an excellent place for outdoor events, a spot for backyard camping, parties, or barbecues.

Another excellent reason to have one is that while it costs around $6,000 to build, you’ll get a 67% ROI, according to the National Association of Realtors. It’s an investment worth making to elevate your home’s value.

Door Replacement

Whether it’s a garage door or a front door—energy-efficient doors can save up to 10% of your energy bills. More importantly, the average cost of a brand new energy-efficient front door stands at $1,230. It’s a small investment for lower heating bills at home.

Moreover, according to House Logic, the average ROI of a new front door upon putting the house for sale is at 102%. Meanwhile, a garage door may cost up to $3,600, but you will almost wholly get that investment back at 98% ROI upon the sale of the house. The doors are a significant curb appeal boost.

Repair or Upgrade the Façade

If your home is due for some new paint, or you need to fix the sidings and shingles, now’s a great time. If you feel that it’s time for a full overhaul of the exterior, a stone veneer is an excellent choice. It gives the home a warm, welcoming appearance without the complexity of using full stone bricks.

An upgrade like this can cost around $9,000-$10,000, but a home with this type of façade or exterior can net you back the investment up to 95%. It’s an easy but cost-effective method of making your home look new and get the investment right back.

Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen

Now that outdoor events are making a big comeback, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect exterior addition to your home. It’s a flexible spot that can prepare meals for backyard meals and events, turning the entire outer area into a venue that entertains family or guests.

The NAR’s numbers say that the outdoor kitchen can cost roughly $14,000-$15,000 depending on the equipment and complexity. But you can get back approximately $10,000 of this from the increase in home value from the kitchen upgrade.

Provide Your Home with the Best Curb Appeal

Curb appeal plays a major role in increasing curb value. To make sure that you maintain your home value at its highest and to keep its curb appeal, ensure that you get professional exterior detailing that allows you to present your home at its best.

Renova Exterior Detailing has a full staff of professional cleaners to boost your home’s curb appeal with thorough eco-friendly methods. Ensure your home gets gleaming, energy-efficient windows that makes your property look good. Contact us today to get a quote or learn more about our work.


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