Environment-Friendly Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Home

power washing your homeThe pressure washer market is expanding. The industry, valued at $1.8 billion in 2018, is expected to rise to $2.3 billion by 2025. This growth is evident as the sector spreads its application to vehicles, pools, floors, and other surfaces.

Pressure washing is used for deep cleaning and removing stubborn dirt, making it effective in washing cars, eliminating debris from home exteriors, and cleaning patios. Apart from its apparent benefits to home cleaning, pressure washing is kind to the environment.

This blog shares eco-friendly reasons to pressure wash your home – some of which you might not know. Keep reading.

Why Pressure Washing is Green

Adequate Water and Electricity Consumption

The first “green” advantage of pressure washing is saving time, water, and electricity. Instead of scrubbing off your patio for several days, you can be done in just a day.

What’s more, the water bills don’t go up. Unlike the garden hose, the dirty water you’ve used won’t be thrown back into the environment.

Electric washers operate at a wattage similar to an air conditioner, which means they are practical and often work with 1.5 kilowatts per hour. You can save on electricity bills as the consumption is less than minimal.

Fewer Toxic Chemicals

Pressure washing can reduce the chemicals you use in your cleaning. Many people use strong chemicals when they want to remove a stubborn stain in their home. Using water pressure eliminates this factor. By using the maximum power of the water, sending it as a jet blast, you won’t need any additional chemicals to clean the surface.

Less Expensive

Besides lowering the digits on your electric and water bills, pressure cleaning also has other cutdowns. For starters, saving a home is less expensive than rebuilding one. If you clean a wood surface regularly, ensuring no dirt hangs on, pests will keep out of the way and won’t cause damage to the wood.

That means you don’t need new wood to replace the old one – contributing to the effort to reduce tree cutting. Plus, you can prevent mold or mildew, which will, in turn, save you the costly trip down to the doctor’s office.

Pressure Washing Tips and Tricks

Now that you know the environment-friendly reasons, here are some tips to help you make the most of your pressure washer:

  • Use both hands, and hold the wand firmly so it won’t fly out.
  • Keep the spray away to minimize the risk of damaging the surface.
  • The nozzle you choose determines the angle of the stream.
  • Pressure washing can flake off old paint.
  • Do a spot test if this is your first time working with a pressure washer.

Pressure Wash Service in Seattle

Pressure washing your home can be complex, especially for beginners, as you could damage the surfaces you’ll clean. A better option than doing things yourself is to contact the professionals at Renova Exterior Detailing.

Our professional crew is devoted to beautifying your property and increasing your home’s value. We use the most effective and safe techniques to get the job done.

Contact us and let us help you clean your home with our fast pressure wash service!

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