A Team With The Spirit of Adventure

What would it be like to work with your friends? Your family? A team of like-minded people? How would that change the way we engage with our work? How would that feel to be a part of a company that was founded by family, built by a community of friends?  Do you want to be surrounded by a group of people who enjoy where they work, they enjoy who they work with, they enjoy the work that we all do TOGETHER.

When we started Holiday Spirit Lighting, our intention was to run a seasonal business that would afford us a lifestyle.  We set out to work hard for the fall/winter season so we could close up shop for the spring and summer to have some fun.  A clear theme of all the employees that have joined our team and have really thrived here, has been a strong life/work balance.  I say life first, then work because we are strongly against a work culture of work, work, work.  We are more of a work hard/play hard or as I like to do work hard/relax hard!

Some examples of life experiences that we, as a company, share are these kinds of adventures.  Backing trips all over the world, from backcountry camping in the North Cascades here in the PNW to the Outback of Australia. Backpacking trips from central to South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, East Africa & Europe. Rocky mountain ski trips, fishing trips, biking trips & camping adventures. Ocean adventures like sailing in the Caribbean & fishing trips in the wilds of Alaska.  Desert trips to Burning Man, and all sorts of music festivals in the gorge and other PNW venues. Working adventures like commercial fishing in Alaska, Geological surveys in the deserts of Utah/Arizona and forests of Idaho, fighting forest fires & mountain climbing guiding in the Sierras to Rockies to the Cascades.

If you have a spirit for adventure, big dreams of travel, a passion for a cool hobby or a general thirst for experiencing life to the fullest here in our PNW paradise, then our company might just be good company for you!

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